Reigniting The Fire

February 2017

As a part of our latest endeavour to create magical experiences for the tourists in Jaisalmer, we undertook the two most popular monuments of the city, the prestigious Jaisalmer Fort and the sacred Gadisagar Lake. Read More

Tourism at Indo-Pak Border

January 2017

The Government of India has recognised Tanot Mata Temple located near the Indo- Pak Border, Jaisalmer as a key tourist spot for all Indian nationals and is allocating funds to setup a state of the art tourism infrastructure in collaboration with the Border Security Force. Read More

Air Connectivity For Jaisalmer

September 2015- April 2016

Jaisalmer is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India, and it is surprising that there is no flight connectivity to this city. Apart from tourists, Jaisalmer caters to industrialists, filmmakers, researchers, scientists, geologists, investors, etc. from all over the World. The lack of better connectivity adversely affects Jaisalmer’s growth potential. Read More

Promoting Vernacular Artistry

October – December 2016

Jaisalmer is a land of hidden wonders. We come across many craftsmen, artists, musicians who are ‘Ustads’ of their art, but their talents goes unnoticed. Read More

Abandoned Heritage Sites

June 2016

Jaisalmer’s history is one of it’s kind. It has been visited by people from all over the World for centuries now of whose evidences can still be found in the Desert land. The former rulers, the residing communities, the travellers have all left their mark in the Heritage that Jaisalmer embodies today. Read More

Local Awareness Programmes


As much as the success of project lies in execution, the role of awareness cannot be understated. It is our firm belief that improving awareness improves the success rate of projects.  Read More

Project Revive

March 2016

We travelled across the remote villages of Jaisalmer to find people who had overcome life threatening accidents which in turn have left scars that hampers their self- confidence & dignity. These people have no access to such advanced healthcare and we were delighted to help them get access to that. Read More

Anti-Plastic Campaign

February 2016

Our city, like almost every other city in the World is dependent on plastic. Most problems related to our city’s drainage, multiplier effect on basic health and sanitation, are all attributed to uncontrolled usage of plastic. Read More

Jaisalmer Fort Drainage

April 2014 – November 2015

It was brought to our notice by the residents of the Jaisalmer Fort that, the Rajasthan Government’s ambitious project to revamp the drainage system at the Jaisalmer Fort had major challenges in it’s execution.  Read More

Desert Festival

February 2014

At the desert festival that commenced on 12/2/2014, we assisted the tourist officials in planning and organising the events. Sponsored and maintained events with the help of 60 volunteers. Read More

District Empowered Committee

December 2013

I Love Jaisalmer filed an letter of intent with the Rajasthan Heritage Development Association to be on the District Empowered Committee. This committee is legally empowered and responsible to execute the Site Management Plan for the Jaisalmer Fort. Read More

Anti-Tout Campaign

October 2013

Just ahead of the tourist season, we sponsored hoardings for Rajasthan Police and developed an Anti-Tout program and presented it to local police to make the city tout free. Our volunteers ran sting operations which led to the arrest of over 30 touts.  Read More

Self Employement Project For Women

July 2013

The I love Jaisalmer initiative aims at preserving and spreading local art and craft worldwide through tying up with the people from the design world and creating an interesting mix of product lines to provide regular employment for rural women who reside in the villages surrounding Jaisalmer. Read More

Cleanliness Campaign

February-June 2013

This project turned out to be a great success where in we were also recognised by the Prime minister’s ‘Swachch Bharat Abhiyan’ as the second largest cleanliness drive of the nation.

Jaisalmer Fort
Gadisagar Lake
Heritage Route
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