Jaisalmer Fights Covid

I Love Jaisalmer came forward supporting the Jaisalmer region in its fight against covid.

Jaisalmer region spans over 39,000 sq km and has a scattered population. With the onset of the Covid-19 second wave, the region was in urgent need of oxygen to treat the alarming rise of critical cases. Every third person was testing positive and the rural health facility was inadequate. We initiated a campaign providing immediate covid relief aid to the people.

What did we do?

We procured and distributed oxygen concentrators and oxygen cylinders through our ecosystem and with the immediate support of other organizations. Within 30 days, our initiative ‘Jaisalmer Fights Covid’ has managed to extend help to over 500 villages. We reached out to 41 health centers spread over a 150 km radius across the Jaisalmer District.

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Khuri 1
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So far, 69 oxygen concentrators have been sent to 43 remote locations of Jaisalmer district and other parts of Rajasthan where they were required the most.

Community Health Centres:
Sam, Ramgarh, Fatehgarh, Jhinjhinyali (Jaisalmer Block)
Pokhran, Bhaniyana, Phalsundh, Sankara (Pokharan Block), Khandela (District Sikar)

Primary Health Centres:
Khudi, Myajlar, Badoda Gaon, Poonam Nagar, Chelak, Devikot, Bhakrani (Jaisalmer Block); Loharki, Jaloda, Bhandeva, Jhabra, Bikhodai (Pokhran Block)

Sub-centers/additional sub-centers:
Mulana, Khala, Seuwa, Adbala, Bhoo, Ridwa, Dangri, Damodara, Satto, Beeda, Keshvoon Ki Basti (Kanoi), Phaledi, Nimbha, Mangliyawas, Jogidas Ka Gaon, Kunda, Dedha (Jaisalmer Block).

Hospitals & Covid Care Centres:  
R L Memorial Hospital, Jaisalmer, Pushkarna Covid Care Centre, Shri Maheshwari Hospital and Research Centre, Jaisalmer; Rajkiya Radha Kishan Sharda Hospital, Kuchaman (District Nagaur).


We procured 120 oxygen cylinders. 80 were given to the District Administration in Jaisalmer and 40  to Mahila Chikitsalya Covid Care Hospital in Jaipur.

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IMG 2405 Copy
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20210611054011 IMG 5355 01
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We are installing an oxygen plant in Pokhran (SPO 93-30 PSA oxygen production equipment- 70 to 100 cylinders per day capacity), which will soon become functional. This will help in developing a self-reliant medical infrastructure in the district.


Our initiative provided ration kits to 450 families of 16 remote villages of Jaisalmer in need.
Bheelo Ki Basti (Salkha), Manganiyaro Ki Basti (Kanoi), Ranjita Ram Ki Dhani (Khuiyala), Sadik Bhil Ki Dhani (Mangaliyawas), Makhan Ki Dhani (Mangaliyawas), Ramgarh, Chundhi, Roopsi, Jogiyon Ki Basti, Moolsagar, Salkha Village, Mulana, Dawada, Badoda Gaon, Daisar Ki Dhani (Khuri), Dhoba (Khuri), Damodara.
Our initiative also provided ration kits to 180 families of the Manganiyar community and the migrants in need.
Bhawaru Khan Ki Dhani, Kanoi ; Mokla & Jogiyon Ki Dhani ; Moolsagar; Bheelo Ki Basti & parts of Jaisalmer city.

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