Jaisalmera Through My Lens Photography Contest 2020
The Winners

Jaisalmera Through My Lens Photography Contest 2020 promotes the appreciation of photography, discover talent, and connect photographs from around the artistic community of Jaisalmer to the world. Each submitted photograph was evaluated by Jury panel. Winning entries were given title of First Award, Second Award, Third Award and Consolation Award along with honorable mentions from category wise submissions of photographs. 

Women of Jaisalmer – Diverse Forms of Their Incredible Strength
Shot Near Parcha Ganesh
Sudhanshu Shripat
First Award Winner

Jaisalmer- Resilient, Invincible, Fearless
Shot at Indira Colony, Jaisalmer
Anuradha Kanwar Bhati
Second Award Winner

JaisalJeev JaisalHarit – Story of Struggle And Determination To Thrive
Shot Near Beejawal
Jalam Singh
Third Award Winner

JaisalNeer – Not A Mirage In Desert, It Is Life
Shot Near Fort Khaba, Jaisalmer
Lakshya Raj Rathore
Consolation Award Winner

Sudhanshu Shripat, an aspiring filmmaker and cinematographer from Jaisalmer shares “Diverse forms of strength of Thar woman, their daily selfless efforts to feed families. In the tough desert terrains, working tirelessly during the day in the fields, the day for these women ends carrying heaps of wood to lit their hearth (चूल्हा) during dusk. This moment instantly touched my heart and the photograph was captured in my lens.”

Anuradha Kanwar Bhati, a homemaker based in Jaisalmer is practicing photography with keen interest in capturing nature, people and wildlife. She shares “One day working in the kitchen, suddenly I saw sandstorm enveloping the sky. Rushing towards the rooftop, grabbing the camera, I wanted to capture the thrilling moment! Within few minutes, the sandstorm covered the city , I could capture the moment in my lens. Sandstorms are not new to Jaisalmer. Being resilient, invincible, fearless is the legend of Jaisalmer.”

Jalam Singh, a resident of Lodurva with keen interest in literature and photography whose photographs captures the essence of life in Thar shares “vastness of sand dunes, preciousness of water along with determination to thrive in desert is a portrait of life in Thar along with its beauty. My photograph embraces the courage of desert life.”

Lakshay Raj Rathore, student of class XI, a footballer, young writer with interest in photography shares “My interest in photography took a turn in the past few months since I've moved to Jaisalmer. My love for Jaisalmer region has deepened over endless strolls and drives to spots that rarely see tourists. While standing on a hill top, I could see a pond, expecting to be a mirage. Curiosity got an ease when I reached the location, it wasn’t a mirage but a life in barren land. There was no way I could stop myself from capturing the ripple which offered life. Every photograph in desert leads to a new curiosity.”