February 2018 – Ongoing

Jaisalmera – mera ghar, meri zimmedari (my home, my responsibility) is our latest campaign that aims to instil a sense of belonging in the children towards their city. Our approach is to first sensitise them towards the challenges faced by the city, such as lack of cleanliness, street hygiene, waste disposal, social awareness to public property etc. and then engage them in discussions about their idea of a better city.
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Blood Donation Camp

September 2017 – Ongoing

Due to its remoteness, the district of Jaisalmer lacks a developed healthcare infrastructure. Read More

Heritage meet with CM

September 2017

We met Hon’ble Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Smt. Vasundhara Raje and presented our work. We sensitised her of the key threats to the Jaisalmer Fort, issues related to tourism infrastructure and shared our vision to make Jaisalmer fort an experiential heritage centre.
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Plantation In Jaisalmer

July 2017 – Ongoing
In order to safeguard the catchment area of the Gadisagar – the largest manmade lake of Jaisalmer, ILJ collaborated with the Border Security Force, Airforce, Police, local communities and the children of Jaisalmer. 900 people came together to plant 1,400 trees around the Gadisagar lake.

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Women Law Awareness

March 2017 – Ongoing

On the eve of the International Women’s Day, the Chief Magistrate, Ms. Purnima Gawd along with ILJ’s women wing, organised an awareness programme for women to educate them on their fundamental rights.
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Waste Management Programme

March 2017 – Ongoing

An effective waste management system is an essential component in making a place environmentally sustainable, where the focus is not only to treat waste effectively but also to limit its production. We realised that the success of our cleanliness campaigns will largely depend on adopting an effective waste management strategy.
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Awareness Programme

February 2017 – Ongoing

With most of the awareness programmes centred around educating adults, ILJ found the necessity to address issues of conservation and cleanliness with the children of Jaisalmer. The initiative began with an interactive awareness programme at an all-girls school.  Read More

Cleanliness Campaign 2.0

February 2017 – Ongoing

ILJ successfully completed a follow-up cleanliness drive at the Jaisalmer Fort and the Gadisagar Lake – the two most popular monuments of the city. Read More

Tourism at Indo-Pak Border

January 2017

The Government of India has recognised Tanot Mata Temple, located near the Indo-Pak Border, Jaisalmer, as a key tourist spot for all Indian nationals. Through the Border Security Force, it will set up state of the art tourism infrastructure in the region. Read More

Air Connectivity For Jaisalmer

September 2015- April 2016

Jaisalmer is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India and it is surprising that there is no flight connectivity to this city. Apart from tourists, Jaisalmer caters to artists and professionals of every kind from all over the world: industrialists, filmmakers, researchers, scientists, geologists, investors, and more. The lack of better connectivity adversely affects Jaisalmer’s growth potential. Read More

Promoting Vernacular Artistry

October – December 2016

Jaisalmer is a land of hidden wonders, ripe with so many craftspeople, artists and musicians who are ‘ustads’ of their art. And yet their talents so often go unnoticed. Read More

Abandoned Heritage Sites

June 2016

Jaisalmer’s history is one of a kind—the world’s oldest living fortress, strategically located on the infamous Silk Road. It has borne witness to the immensity of time and the inherent diversity of humanity, transforming itself into a safe harbour for rejuvenation, creation and commerce for travellers and traders from distant lands for centuries. Read More

Local Awareness Programmes


Awareness plays a crucial role in the success of a project of this nature and magnitude. We conduct awareness programs in schools and among residents through papers, videos on local television, cinema halls and road shows, whilst conduct various awareness workshops in the city for the locals. Read More

Project Revive

March 2016

We travelled across the remote villages of Jaisalmer to find people who had overcome life-threatening accidents which, in turn, have left scars that wreak havoc on their self-confidence and dignity. Read More

Anti-Plastic Campaign

February 2016

Our city, like almost every other city in the world, is overly dependent on plastic. For most problems related to our city’s drainage, the waste it creates has an undeniable multiplier effect, as its unmonitored usage exponentially degrades basic health and sanitation. Read More

Jaisalmer Fort Drainage

April 2014 – November 2015

It was brought to our attention by the residents of the Jaisalmer Fort that the Rajasthan Government’s ambitious project to renovate the drainage system at the fort had major challenges in its execution. Read More

Desert Festival

February 2014

At the desert festival that commenced on February 12th, 2014, we assisted the tourist officials in planning and organising the events. We sponsored and maintained events with the help of 60 volunteers. Read More

District Empowered Committee

December 2013

I Love Jaisalmer filed a letter of intent with the Rajasthan Heritage Development Association to be on the District Empowered Committee. This committee is legally empowered and responsible for the execution of the Site Management Plan for the Jaisalmer Fort. Read More

Anti-Tout Campaign

October 2013

Touts are the aggressive sellers and shopkeepers who often try to hustle or cheat tourists in some fashion. This has an adverse effect on the local economy for all residents, as such behaviour soon makes tourists avoid certain destinations where it is known to be prevalent. Read More

Self Employement Project For Women

July 2013

The I love Jaisalmer initiative aims to preserve local arts and crafts by helping to better integrate them into the modern marketplace. By fostering collaboration between local artisans and urban designers, an interesting mix of product lines is being created to provide regular employment for rural women who reside in the villages surrounding Jaisalmer. Read More

Cleanliness Campaign

February-June 2013

This project turned out to be a great success and was recognised by the Prime minister’s ‘Swachch Bharat Abhiyan’ as the second largest cleanliness drive in the nation.

Jaisalmer Fort
Gadisagar Lake
Heritage Route
Government Hospital
Approach Roads

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